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At Rewa Retreat we offer you experiences to help you unwind and relax with your loved ones in the most tranquil of surroundings. Whether you want to explore the Lake District by car / bike / cycle, climb rock faces, see the word from a different perspective by going paragliding, or take part in adventure activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Our team assists our guest in undertaking the following activates.

Sno. Activity Charges
1. Rock  Climbing  / Rappelling 85 feet wall Rs. 550/- per individual.
2. Rock  Climbing  / Rappelling 22 feet wall Rs. 300/- per individual.
3. River Crossing Rs. 300/- per individual.
4. Flying Fox Rs. 300/- per individual.
5. Kayaking Rs. 250/- per individual.
6. Paragliding Rs. 1500/- per individual